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The Nikon D5: Why We Love Nikon’s Battle Tank!

Professional photographers rely on their equipment of a daily basis and demand the best and most durable cameras on the market, because their livelihood depends on it!   Canon and Nikon have been battling for the professional market since the days of film cameras and the consumer has really seen the benefits of this competition.  This […]

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Quality and Affordability: The Sony RX10 Mark III Ultimate Review

Sony has quickly become of on the leading digital camera manufacturers, as a result of their innovative mirror-less and compact digital cameras.  Cameras such as the “Alpha” series, the RX100 line and numerous Cyber-shot compact cameras have offered consumers a more affordable alternative to traditional DSLR cameras without sacrificing image quality.  The Sony RX10 Mark […]

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Which Entry-Level DSLR is the best? The Nikon 3300 or the Canon T5i?

The entry-level DSLR market is crowded with numerous manufacturers competing for the same customers, with Nikon and Canon leading the charge to entice new photographers to upgrade from “point and shoot” cameras to more advanced DLSR cameras.  Nikon offers the D3300, while Canon offers the T5i, with both cameras being upgrades to previously offered cameras.  […]

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Which is Better the Nikon D810 or the D4s?

The D810 and D4s are two of the most popular cameras in Nikon’s current lineup of “professional” DSLR cameras due to their excellent image quality and robust build quality.   Introduced in 2014, the D810 is an incremental upgrade to the D800, while the D4s is the upgrade to the existing D4 camera.  Although incremental upgrades […]

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