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The Battle of the Digitals: Leica M9 vs. M240

Leica, which was founded in 1849, is a German camera manufacturer with a long history of producing the high-end film and digital cameras as well, as excellent camera lenses. Leica has gained a deserved reputation for being the maker of the “best” cameras that money can buy, with many photographers dreaming of owning one. Two […]

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Which is Better the Sony A65 or the Sony A58?

The Sony Alphas series of cameras have been extremely popular with consumers looking for an advanced camera in a small and lightweight package and the A65 and A58 have been two of the most popular cameras in the Alpha lineup.  While the target market for these cameras is primarily entry-level photographers, both cameras are packed […]

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Sony HX80: Is This The Ultimate Travel Camera?

Sony is emerging as a major player in the digital photography industry offering a wide variety of mirrorless DSLR like cameras, as well as a number of excellent compact “point and shoot” cameras that are perfect for traveling. Sony’s impact in the compact camera market, which began with the original RX-100, has been very significant […]

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