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Nikon D610 vs D800 – Which Nikon DSLR is Better?

The Nikon D610 and the D800 are two excellent full frame cameras offering excellent features, which will satisfy the needs of both amateur and professional photographers for years to come.  The Nikon D610 is an “improved” version of the slightly older D600, which was initially launched in 2012, as an entry-level full-framed camera.   The D800 […]

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The Fujifilm X-100T: An Upgrade to Love

2011 was one of the most exciting years for photographers when Fujifilm introduced the original X100, which quickly became a very popular with advanced amateur and photographers alike, who were drawn to the hybrid viewfinder, retro rangefinder style body and outstanding image quality. Two years later Fujifilm introduced the X100S, which was an upgrade to […]

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Sony HX80: Is This The Ultimate Travel Camera?

Sony is emerging as a major player in the digital photography industry offering a wide variety of mirrorless DSLR like cameras, as well as a number of excellent compact “point and shoot” cameras that are perfect for traveling. Sony’s impact in the compact camera market, which began with the original RX-100, has been very significant […]

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Fujifilm X-T1 Review – Is the X-T1 Worth the Money?

The last few years have seem some amazing advances in digital photography with amazing results being provided by the new cameras and lenses that are currently available. Interestingly, the revolution in digital photography currently taking place is not a result of the efforts of the major camera manufacturers, including Canon, Lieca and Nikon, but by […]

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Nikon D810 vs D750: Should you Go With the Nikon D750 or D810?

All of the major camera manufacturers introduced a variety of new DSLR camera bodies in 2014.  While Nikon introduced several cameras in their entry-level lineup, it was the introduction of the full-framed D750 and D810 that really excited serious photographers. Nikon segregates the DSLR market into three categories targeting entry, enthusiast and professional level photographers.  […]

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Canon 6D vs Nikon 610 – Is the Nikon 610 or Canon 6D a Better Choice?

Traditionally lower priced cameras have always had small or cropped format sensors in them, while the more expensive “professional” grade cameras used the more expensive, but much more capable full frame sensor.  The cropped sensors were cheaper to manufacture and were critical to keeping the price point of consumer grade cameras low.  While capable of […]

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