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The Fujifilm X-T2: The Best X Body To Date?

One of the most exciting innovations in digital photography has been the introduction of mirrorless camera by all of the major camera manufacturers. Photographers of all skill levels have been drawn to these cameras due to their small size, lightweight, and excellent performance. In 2016 Fujifilm, who is arguably the most innovative camera manufacturer in […]

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Top 3 Cameras For Shooting Music Videos

Today’s DSLR cameras are wonderful tools capable of producing excellent still image quality, especially when used by an experienced photographer.  What many people do not realize is how good the video quality is in these cameras. Over the past few years, DSLR cameras have increasingly been used to make a variety of movies, TV shows […]

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Another Amazing Rebel Review: The Canon T6 Rebel

Canon is arguably the world’s leading camera manufacturer offering a wide variety of cameras and camera accessories that target both amateur and professional photographers alike.  While their camera lineup includes both film and digital cameras, their digital lineup of point and shoot and DSLR cameras have been very successful for Canon over the years.  One […]

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Which is Better the Sony RX100 or the Canon S100?

  The compact camera market remains very completive with all of the major camera manufacturers offering a wide variety of excellent cameras that appeal to photographers at all levels.  Despite numerous upgrades, the Sony RX100 and the Canon S100 series of cameras remain very popular due to their simplicity and excellent image quality in a […]

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