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The Camera Guide Team is a group of writers, shutterbugs, and professional photographers. We know the challenge of looking through different cameras or accessories. We want you to learn everything about cameras. We provide honest reviews, detailed guides, and helpful comparisons. We have everything you need. We are here to help you find the perfect click.

Nikon Battle Supreme II: The Nikon D750 vs. Nikon D610

Nikon currently has ten cameras in their current line-up of DSLR cameras, which fall into three categories of cameras.  Nikon labels these categories  “entry-level,” “enthusiast” or “professional” with each category containing two of more cameras targeting a specific market.   Two of the most popular of the cameras in the “enthusiast” line of cropped sensor and […]

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Which is Better the Nikon D810 or the D4s?

The Nikon D810 and D4s are two of the most popular cameras in Nikon’s current lineup of “professional” DSLR cameras due to their excellent image quality and robust build quality.  Introduced in 2014, the D810 is an incremental upgrade to the D800, while the D4s is the upgrade to the existing D4 camera.  Although incremental […]

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Nikon D810 vs D750: Should you Go With the Nikon D750 or D810?

All of the major camera manufacturers introduced a variety of new DSLR camera bodies in 2014.  While Nikon introduced several cameras in their entry-level lineup, it was the introduction of the full-framed D750 and D810 that really excited serious photographers. Nikon segregates the DSLR market into three categories targeting entry, enthusiast and professional level photographers.  […]

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Nikon D610 vs D800 – Which Nikon DSLR is Better?

The Nikon D610 and the D800 are two excellent full frame cameras offering excellent features, which will satisfy the needs of both amateur and professional photographers for years to come.  The Nikon D610 is an “improved” version of the slightly older D600, which was initially launched in 2012, as an entry-level full-framed camera.   The D800 […]

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