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The Camera Guide Team is a group of writers, shutterbugs, and professional photographers. We know the challenge of looking through different cameras or accessories. We want you to learn everything about cameras. We provide honest reviews, detailed guides, and helpful comparisons. We have everything you need. We are here to help you find the perfect click.

Canon 60D Review: Is the 60D a Good DSLR?

While there a number of major digital camera manufacturers in the marketplace today, no one does it better than Canon, who offers such a wide variety of cameras that they dominate all segments of the consumer digital camera market. Canon’s goal is to have consumers for life and to move consumers from their point and […]

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Top 5 Best DSLR Cameras for Video – The Top DSLR for Videophotographers

Digital camera technology makes it increasingly easy to shoot video and still photography with the same easy to carry camera. Digital single-lens reflex cameras, better known as DSLR, provide a variety of options for amateur and professional photographers to enjoy. The compact size makes it the perfect camera for shooting footage in situations where having […]

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Top Best 360 Cameras

One of the fasted growing camera markets today is in the continued growth of the small and lightweight adventure cameras, which provide video and still images of the activity from the photographer’s point of view (POV).  These cameras gained popularity as a result of YouTube, as well as various social media platforms, where the photographers […]

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Affordable and Adventure Proof: The Ricoh WG-20 Camera Review

One of the most interesting segments of the digital camera market is in “adventure sports” cameras, which are designed to capture still and video images of primarily outdoor activities such as diving and hiking.  These cameras are designed to withstand abuse and are often waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.   While everyone is familiar with the very […]

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