Which is Better the Nikon D810 or the D4s?

The D810 and D4s are two of the most popular cameras in Nikon’s current lineup of “professional” DSLR cameras due to their excellent image quality and robust build quality.   Introduced in 2014, the D810 is an incremental upgrade to the D800, while the D4s is the upgrade to the existing D4 camera.  Although incremental upgrades […]

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Which is Better the Nikon D4s or the D700?

Nikon’s “professional” line-up of DSLR cameras is well known and widely respected, with the D4s and D700 being among the most popular of their “FX” series, which is what Nikon calls their full frame lineup of cameras.  First introduced in 2008, the D700 was an immediate hit sharing most of the features of the D3, […]

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