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A camera geek and freelance photographer, Robert (Aka "Rob" or "Bob") spends way too much time examining the finer points of cameras.

The Top 5 Best Full Frame DSLR Cameras

Imagine the scene; you have come to terms with your DSLR camera and its abilities, you have tried and tested it in all manner of different light and condition and consider yourself pretty adept at using it. You are, by your own admission, a bit of a camera buff.  People coo and paw over your […]

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Canon 6D vs 7D – What Are the Key Differences?

If you’re looking to make the leap to a more professional DSLR camera, it can be overwhelming deciding which one to buy. Between the size of the sensor, the frame rate, video functions and low-light performance, even the most experienced photographer can have a difficult time making this choice. Two of Canon’s recent models – […]

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Nikon D750 Review – Nikon’s Best DSLR Yet?

Over the last few years, Nikon has introduced a number of enthusiast or semi-professional grade cameras in the “full frame” or FX format.  These cameras include the D800, D800E, DF, D600, D610, D810 and now the D750, which is an excellent camera, capable of capturing amazing images! First Take – Background In general, all of […]

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